Get right to the truth with MuHu video analytics.

Video and data—they’re the great equalizers. The MuHu intelligent video analytics dashboard gives you instant access to both.

Relentlessly protect your people and your business—no matter where you are.

fleet video analytics in the cloud

MuHu acts as your rapid-response safety assistant—and it never takes a vacation day.

How does it work?

Video data is streamed from the driver’s mobile device to the cloud, where it’s analyzed by artificial intelligence. When a driver triggers an alert, it’s logged in the MuHu system—and you’re prompted to act. And, that means you can immediately respond to events that threaten your business.

Powered by the MuHu cloud platform, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Live video streaming
  • On-demand video
  • Safety event alerts
  • GPS vehicle locations
  • Safety and productivity reporting

And, you can act on that critical data anytime, anywhere.

What’s more, you’ll document your due diligence—from safety conversation notes to driver outcomes—and protect your business from liability.

Proactively manage drivers from your mobile device, the MuHu video analytics dashboard, or email notifications—it’s all up to you.

Simplify fleet management with your MuHu video analytics dashboard.

The MuHu video analytics dashboard delivers a wealth of actionable information. Here’s what you’ll get—and how you can use that data to drive safety improvements, fleet-wide.

Safety alerts

Rich, intuitive reporting allows you to immediately address the safety trends that threaten the health of your business.

Quickly identify fleet trends with a visual, big picture summary, including safety and performance alerts

Instantly recognize pressing safety issues with a recap report of video alerts, categorized by violation type

Pinpoint at-risk drivers and vehicles with summary reports of coachable alerts

Prioritize unsafe driving conversations with alerts that are color-coded by severity

Come equipped to driver coaching sessions with safety alert video and GPS locations


Live video streaming, on-demand video, and video search empower you to have more informed safety conversations with your drivers—and protect your business from unwarranted claims.

Monitor drivers and passengers in real-time—anytime—with live video streaming

Watch on-demand video clips from your mobile device or the MuHu Live portal

Locate video clips within any four-hour window using location, date, and time search criteria

Fleet tracking

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking and historic search deliver the location information you need—without driver distraction.

Track vehicle locations and access related driver alerts and video right from a map
*GPS is accurate up to six seconds

Pinpoint historic vehicle locations within a four-hour window based upon location, date, and time search parameters

Get a breadcrumb trail for any vehicle and its associated alerts sent to you by email and stored in the cloud

Estimate customer delivery times without interrupting your drivers with Google Maps integration

Locate assets with a big picture overview of all truck locations, or drill down to a specific vehicle to see its location, speed, and idle time

Add the points of interest your vehicles commonly frequent for added ease-of-use

“MuHu has transformed the way I manage my fleet. I can literally ride right along with my drivers now—I see what they see, no matter where I am. That means I can coach them to be safer and more efficient. And, I can protect them—and TruStar—on those occasions we do get complaints about accidents or property damage, where we weren’t at fault.”

Douglas Howell, Vice President of Service and Maintenance

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