This is your passport to limitless possibility. Welcome, MuHu PaaS.

The MuHu Platform as a Service (PaaS) is your bridge to other networks and applications—a bridge that connects and analyzes siloed data, giving you exponentially more powerful insights.

A single, open platform. Exponentially more powerful data.

Outside the transportation industry, there’s a headlong rush toward open platforms.

The reason: Breaking down walls between siloed technologies allows you to make deeper, more insightful connections.

Connections that can save lives.

MuHu PaaS does just that. It integrates disparate pools of data with its own visual intelligence, using each event as a learning lesson to improve its own predictive power.

And, that means:

  • You get the actionable data you need to keep your business humming
  • You simplify safety management with a single dashboard

Integrate to dominate.

Across town and around the world, drivers are encountering traffic, wildlife, and weather events that impact safety and convenience. And, they’re capturing that event data with apps and wearables.

MuHu PaaS harnesses the power of IoT, partner technology integrations (APIs), and crowdsourced data to foster a safer, more productive business.

From within the MuHu platform:

  • Weathercloud can alert your drivers of road  slippage or pile-ups ahead
  • Google Maps and WAZE can deliver local and  on-demand road congestion conditions
  • Fitbit can tell you if your driver is distressed

And, all of that data will be connected and analyzed to help your business succeed.

Today, MuHu PaaS helps you prevent accidents. Tomorrow, it will even help you find a parking spot.

Your flexible, open PaaS.

We built the MuHu PaaS with an eye toward openness and flexibility.

That means you have the freedom to adopt new mobile devices, third-party hardware, and technology integrations as they become available—no matter what they are.

Mobile apps

Weathercloud / Google Maps / WAZE

Mobile technologies
Android / iOS

In short, just because we can’t do it all—doesn’t mean you can’t.

Developers, welcome.

Whether you’d like to add mobile video intelligence to your existing telematics solution or develop entirely new applications, we invite you to leverage MuHu’s open API.

Please read our API release announcement for additional insights.

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