Fiercely protect your people. Enter, the MuHu driver safety app.

Prevent crashes, improve safety, and protect your business from liability—all with a driver safety app that’s powered by ADAS and machine learning.

Protect your drivers—no matter where they are.

MuHu is a radically different kind of driver safety app.

Leveraging powerful crash avoidance system (ADAS) technology, it’s the first mobile solution to feature:

  • Live camera + self-healing ADAS on a mobile device
  • HD dual cloud video streaming
  • Real-time driver monitoring

That means your drivers get the lifesaving alerts they need to avoid a crash.

*MuHu forward-facing live camera streaming is available on all Android (6.0 and above) devices, and dual HD video streaming is currently available on HTC M8, Nexus 6P, LG G6, LG G5, and LG V20 devices.

Guard against costly liability.

If a picture says a 1,000 words, a video tells a complete and accurate story.

Protect against costly claims with indisputable MuHu video evidence:

  • Your driver’s mobile device camera records video of the road ahead
  • The selfie camera simultaneously captures video of your driver and passengers (optional)
  • Video is streamed to the cloud, where it’s analyzed and stored

And, that means MuHu live and historical video is not only accessible to you anytime, but it can continuously improve the predictive intelligence of its own ADAS technology.

In short, MuHu is the intelligent driver safety app that’s always growing smarter.

Effortlessly manage driver safety.

MuHu empowers you to easily and proactively improve driver safety performance.

The MuHu driver safety app:

  • Pairs raw data with GPS information and relevant alerts in the cloud
  • Sends driver alert notifications right to your mobile device so you can immediately intervene
  • Provides easy access to safety analytics anytime, anywhere
fleet safety app streaming video to the cloud
safe driver app

The driver safety app that delivers future-proof protection.

You operate a business on the move. You need to be nimble—and so does your safety solution.

MuHu makes it easy to run on the latest, greatest safety technologies available:

  • It’s lightning-quick to install
  • There’s little to no hardware installation required
  • Over-the-air software updates mean your ADAS is always growing smarter
  • Commercial-grade mobile devices mean you can easily and affordably update your hardware to keep pace with advancing technologies

*MuHu for drivers is compatible with all Android (6.0 and above) devices. MuHu Live for fleet managers is compatible with iOS.

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