This is your livelihood, your life. Protect it.

Powered by ADAS, big data, and machine learning, MuHu helps you protect your people better today than you could the day before.

Stop unsafe driving in its tracks.

MuHu advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technology helps you prevent the accidents that put lives in jeopardy and threaten your business.

Get real-time audible and visual driver warnings—as well as manager safety alerts—so you can protect against road safety dangers:

  • Forward collision warnings and alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Lane departure warnings and alerts

Just around the bend, MuHu will also deliver:

  • Running posted traffic lights and signs alerts
  • Follow distance alerts

And, with on-demand video clips, your next driver coaching session will be supported by the indisputable data that can proactively improve driver safety.

dual video on a smartphone dash cam

Safeguard your business from liability

No one can prevent every crash, but MuHu can help you reduce the impact to your business when a crash does happen.

With on-demand video and intelligent video analytics, you’ll have immediate and irrefutable proof. That means you can:

  • Head-off costly claims and litigation
  • Move to settle claims quickly and reduce legal expenses
  • Support and deny workers’ comp claims

Intelligently manage your people.

Your transportation business is only as good as your drivers.

With intelligent video analytics, you’ll easily identify your safest, most productive drivers. And, that means you can reward their performance and improve driver retention.

Meanwhile, alerts with video help you identify unsafe, inefficient drivers, so you can provide additional coaching. With documented alerts, conversations, and outcomes at the ready, you’ll be empowered to make the staffing decisions that ultimately help you build a stronger, safer fleet.

driver safety management
GPS vehicle tracking

Find your vehicles—anytime, anywhere.

There’s a lot of value in knowing exactly where your vehicles are.

With GPS vehicle tracking, you can:

  • Update customers with real-time asset locations
  • Prove your trucks and drivers weren’t onsite when property damage or theft occurred
  • Log detention time—and bill for it

What’s more, you’ll access all that valuable data without ever having to distract your drivers from the job at hand—driving safely.

A future-proof solution for your forward-thinking business.

Powered by an open ecosystem, cloud computing, and mobile technologies, MuHu is a bold new way to protect your people and your business on the road.

Even better, you’ll always be running on the most powerful technology available:

  • Over-the-air updates mean your software will always be up-to-date
  • Mobile solutions mean you’ll never be trapped on expensive, proprietary hardware again
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Meet MuHu.

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