Protect your people, your business—and your FedEx Ground contract.

MuHu offers you the lowest cost, FedEx-certified VEDR solution available.

Comply with a low cost dual camera solution.

You must equip your trucks with FedEx-certified video event data recorders (VEDR). The good news is we’re an approved vendor—and we make compliance simple and affordable using consumer-grade mobile devices.

Powered by cloud and mobile technologies, MuHu gives you:

  • Live HD cloud video streaming
  • Dual video streaming of road + driver
  • On-demand video
  • Video search

What’s more, MuHu delivers:

  • Speeding alerts
  • G-sensor alerts
  • Traffic and weather alerts, coming soon

Even better, MuHu is lightning-fast to implement, doesn’t require drilling, and eliminates the need for expensive, proprietary technologies.

Get MuHu protection.

Reach out now. We’ll not only help you comply with FedEx Ground safety requirements, we’ll help you save time, money—and lives.

safe driver app

ADAS on a mobile device—coming soon.

Leveraging visual intelligence and deep learning, MuHu will soon deliver the first self-healing crash avoidance system on a mobile device, including:

  • Forward collision warnings
  • Lane departure warnings
  • Running stop signs and red lights alerts
  • Speeding by posted road sign warnings

That means managers will be kept apprised of unsafe driving behaviors.

More importantly, ADAS will deliver the real-time warnings drivers need to avoid common delivery hazards, like texting drivers and children at play.

Relentlessly protect your business with video analytics.

MuHu does much more than meet basic FedEx Ground VEDR requirements. It empowers you to:

  • Reduce unsafe driving with real-time driver warnings and optional video review service
  • Protect against liability with on-demand video and intelligent video analytics
  • Evaluate driver performance to better target coaching and retention programs
  • Track vehicles for real-time asset locations and ETAs
  • Integrate technologies for more powerful insights with MuHu’s open API
  • Future-proof your business with software that updates over-the-air and doesn’t trap you on expensive proprietary hardware

What’s more, you’ll be able to monitor your fleet anytime, anywhere with your MuHu Live fleet management app, web portal, and email notifications.

*Coming Q1 2017

“MuHu video streaming helps me monitor driver safety and on-time delivery. And, the video search and playback features make it so easy to just go right to the tape; I can prove my drivers weren’t responsible for crashes and property damage.

“You just can’t argue with video—it’s right there.”

— Walter Stock, STL Fleet Services owner and FedEx Ground contractor

Get on the road to compliance.


Order today and you’ll get your mobile devices and suction dash mounts within two weeks.

When they arrive, it takes just minutes to login, dock, and drive.