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MuHu: Increasing Road Safety through Visual Intelligence
October 18, 2017
Having been a part of the automotive technology space for over 12 years, industry veteran Blake Gasca was driven to build a visual intelligence platform that can run local image processing and streaming. Making the most of the evolving machine learning landscape and his vast experience, Gasca laid the foundation of MuHu.
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Industry Strives to Use Technology to Prevent Accidents Before They Happen
June 6, 2017
Prescriptive analytics—the use of technology and data to identify behaviors and correct them before an incident occurs—is somewhat new to the waste and recycling industry, but the practice already has had an impact.
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Daily API RoundUp
June 5, 2017
MuHu is a livestreaming video recording service for commercial drivers. It helps identify threats on the road and alert drivers in real time. Because it saves video to the cloud, it can provide a record of events should an accident occur. The MuHu API allows developers to get information on vehicles, fleets, and their associated organizations. It can also be used to access live or recorded footage from a selected vehicle as well as GPS data.
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MuHu Announces Video Intelligence API
May 2, 2017
MuHu, a mobile video intelligence company, announced the availability of an open API for its MuHu video platform. The goal of the API release is to empower the developer community with the tools necessary to build video intelligence applications. The API aims to eliminate walls between siloed technologies which should allow for deeper, more insightful connections between apps and systems.
The more things change…
April 20, 2017
This year’s ConExpo-Con/Agg took technology to new levels, even dedicating an entire area of the convention to where the future is headed with its Tech Experience Exhibits and Tech Talks. One of the Tech Talk speakers, Blake Gasca, CEO of the Newport Beach, California-based technology firm MuHu, described the culmination of technology with machinery as “Silicon Valley meets Detroit.”
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MuHu platform focuses on fleet safety
February 7, 2017
Transportation businesses today can use MuHu as a standalone fleet management solution—or integrate MuHu into their existing platform with MuHu's open API, the company mentioned. In the future, MuHu's open platform will deliver deeper visual intelligence, including facial recognition, to the transportation, security, and safety sectors, the company added.

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