We’re MuHu.

And, we’re driving a radical shift in the way the world protects people and businesses on the road.

About us.

MuHu is the quintessential example of what happens when deep experience, strong leadership, and opportunity converge.

Coming from respected visual intelligence, mobile tech, SaaS, and transportation software leaders, we’re drawing on our extensive expertise to radically change the game. And, we have the chops to do it. In fact, we’ve been bringing innovative technology solutions to market for more than 40 years now.

Innovation is in our DNA.

Take a look at our industry firsts.

First ever HD dual streaming mobile video solution

First Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) live camera on a smartphone

Industry-first active driver behavior camera system with cloud video streaming for smartphones

Industry-first cloud-based video search capability

Industry-first portable video monitoring system for trucks, tractor-trailers, and large vehicles

We simply refuse to be followers. So, we look forward.

We always have.

This is our story.

MuHu is the powerful end result of a visual intelligence passion project.

After nearly a decade spent reimagining video camera hardware solutions for the transportation industry, Convoy Technologies founder and CEO, Blake Gasca recognized the tremendous opportunity inherent in IOT and LTE technologies. He drove the innovation of the company’s video solutions in earnest with an eye toward making a software play.

In 2015, Convoy handily won the video compression war. With the power to instantly stream HD video to the cloud and process cloud data, the company launched Videomatics—a platform that made video data accessible, actionable, and searchable anytime, anywhere.

The company was now perfectly positioned to deliver VPaaS and SaaS solutions to an expanded audience. So, in 2016, leaders from the existing team, as well as experts from within the video, mobile tech, SaaS, and transportation software industries came together to launch a new company.

Enter, MuHu.

Leveraging its powerful open video platform, mobile app, ADAS technology, and intelligent video analytics, MuHu is here to protect what matters: Your people, your business, your reputation.

Get MuHu protected.

Itching to know more? Reach out and we’ll prove how MuHu will save time, money—and lives.

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Interested in MuHu for personal use?

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