Protect what matters. Your people. Your business. Your reputation.

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Crash avoidance system (ADAS)

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Live and on-demand video

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Intelligent video analytics

Get MuHu protection

Make the data-driven decisions that keep your people safe, your customers happy, and your business protected.

MuHu deep learning is powering a safer road ahead.

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Leveraging artificial neural networks and big data, MuHu mimics the complexities of the human brain.

Meaning, it makes deep connections across large data sets, learns through experience, and evolves its own algorithms, so you can protect your people better today than you could the day before.

Meet your powerful, yet easy-to-use MuHu ecosystem.

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One platform. Limitless possibility.

The open MuHu platform connects your siloed data with its own visual intelligence, giving you exponentially more powerful insights.

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ADAS technology running on a smartphone
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Life-saving protection in a mobile app.

In a leapfrog of epic proportions, MuHu brings you the first driver safety app to feature a self-healing crash avoidance system.

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Relentless video protection.

Powered by MuHu video intelligence analytics, live and on-demand video, and alerts, you’ll protect your business anytime, anywhere.

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ADAS for the Rest of Us.™

MuHu advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technology delivers once-expensive crash avoidance alerts to the masses.

Radically simplify the way you manage your business.

Improve safety, keep customers happy, and reduce liability risk—all with the mobile device you already use each and every day.

Since there’s only one bill to manage and absolutely zero proprietary hardware to master, there’s no added stress. Just a straightforward path to better safety and efficiency on the road.

Deep insights for the mid-sized fleet—and one-man show.

MuHu leverages its open platform and advanced technologies to keep prices competitive. That means you can harness highly-configurable solutions to get exactly what you need—at a price that’s right for you.

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Get MuHu protected.

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Interested in MuHu for personal use?

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